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Commercial Flooring

A big portion of our summer here at SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa South is turn carpet cleaning and cleaning and polishing commercial property flooring. One big one is ... READ MORE

Lightning Can Cause Fire in Home

Lightning is both beautiful and dangerous and beautiful. If lightning hits your house, there is a chance it can cause a massive surge in your electrical system.... READ MORE

Leaving a Leak Unattended

Many times we will ignore small signs of large issues if we think that we can. Small leaks in the attic that causeyour ceiling to get wet. That will dry, right?... READ MORE

When it Rains through your Ceiling

Have you ever thought it sounds like a herd of elephants when your kids play upstairs? SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa South has seen some damages from Tuscaloosa tikes t... READ MORE

Mold in Basements

When mold spores take over porous surfaces, the stains that follow the remediation provide a difficult challenge to dispose of in a DIY manner. Many times, the ... READ MORE

Restoring Heirlooms

Family heirlooms can be damaged beyond repair in a home fire. SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa South uses a team of highly trained and experts in textile restoration to ha... READ MORE

Cleaning Soot Damaged Items

Soot can cause many items to be ruined for the rest of its "lifetime." SERVPRO of Tuscaloosa South's crews has been trained in the proper timeframes and cleanin... READ MORE

Tree Fell on Home

Even large trees can sometimes lose to terrible wind storms. This particular tree was apparently on its last legs of life and had lost most of its strength. Whe... READ MORE

Surface Mold Cleaning

Porous materials serve as a prime food source for microbial growth or mold. To determine what type of mold you have in your home, please seek the assistance of ... READ MORE

Mold in Alabama

Tuscaloosa experienced an extremely rainy first of 2018. Hidden roof damage came out in some homes. This particular home had a long term leak that was unknown u... READ MORE